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lingonord explains:

Sweden for beginners - an educational project

This is a project that we wrote about our country Sweden. In it we will explain how it works and what the Swedish like to do. We also try explaining pronunciating difficult words by spelling like it sounds. That is called phonetics and is really tricky. Almost like a science! If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask it. Maybe you will learn! Or maybe read our Sweden FAQ? It means frequently answered questions. About Sweden!
Welcome to Sweden!

Animals in Sweden - Christmas in Sweden
The Swedish government - The Swedish highest mountain
The Swedish most famous writer - The Swedish köttbulle
The Swedish king Oscar II - The Swedish royal family
The Swedish allemansratt - The Swedish jantelag
The Swedish lagom - The Swedish names day
The Swedish special letters - The Swedish sin

Animals in Sweden
swedish nature elk
There are no very dangerous animals in Sweden but the elk gets really big. It lives in the nature and can be 2 meters high some times. If they don’t shoot him. Because it is traditional they shoot them in the autumn.

The Swedish king shoots elks with his children. At least with his boy-child. His girl-children all have boyfriends. Then they eat them up. Maybe.
Christmas in Sweden
swedish luciatrain
Every year when it is still not christmas, Lucia shows up with her train. Lucia has light in her hair and white clothes and is very pretty. Then it’s Christmas. Everyone dances around the Christmas-tree. You watch TV and get maybe presents. Then you puke.

The Swedish chef
swedish chef

Have you seen muppets on TV? Funny!

In muppets there is a Swedish chef. He makes food all the time. And is unhygienic and dangerous. Maybe you think he speaks swedish. But it’s not swedish! True! It is a pretend language!

Or is it a real language we don't know? Maybe.

The Swedish government
swedish government
[tooh-mass bhood-sturmh]
Each fourth year the Swedish people vote for the riksdag and kommuner and landstings they want. Then we get a prime minister. Then he or she gets ministers. Then they decide all.

Because that Sweden is a democracy you can vote for anything you want if you only are 18. Or older of course! But you can think and decide all the time until suddenly you are 18. Then you vote! Then you think four years more. Then you vote again.

Democracy is important but love and freedom and peace is important too! When there wasn’t democracy people could die if they got an infection in maybe the ear! Scary!

The Swedish highest mountain

Look! This is the highest mountain in Sweden. Its name is Kebnekajse. It is 2070 meter. It sounds high but it is not very high so Swedes are not very proud of it. That’s sad.

It is an old mountain. No-body knows exactly how old it is. And it is not hard to climb up. You could probably do it if you wanted to a lot. But we think you probably don’t want to. What would you do there? Walk down again maybe?

The Swedish most famous writer
astrid lindgren

This is Astrid Lindgren. She is world famous Swedish woman writer. She wrote books that were good.

She wrote the story about the brothers Lionhearts. In this book Jonatan dies twice. Skorpan dies once. Katla dies once. Mattias dies once. Orvar dies once. Jussi dies once. Hubert dies once. Also Tengil dies once. Maybe you think it is a lot of death. It is! But they have fun too because they have adventure. And also Sofia lives!

Then she wrote about Borka-robbers and Mattis-robbers and a Karlsson person with a propeller on his back.

When she died every-one was sad. Then a horse ran too fast.

The Swedish köttbulle
swedish meatballs
We tried to find a vegetarian kötbullerecipe too, but there wasn’t one.

400g köttfärs
2dl mjölk
3/4 dl ströbröd
1/2 tsk salt
1 krm vitpeppar
1 msk gul lök
1 ägg

In Sweden it is very important that you don’t swim in maybe a lake when you just have eaten köttbulle. You can get cramps and die!

By drowning. Every-one will cry.

Wait an hour. At least!

The Swedish king Oscar II

Look at Swedish old king Oscar second! He has a big nice moustache and is our Swedish best looking king. There is a most famous type of pepper-cookies in Sweden called “King Oscar”. So maybe he liked cookies. We don’t know.

Did you know he is relative to the king of Sweden, Carl-Gustaf? But they never met because Oscar died. So it was not possible. There was also another king Oscar but we don’t know him.

The Swedish royal family
swedish royal family

This is the Swedish royal family. You think they look good? The father is a king and sometimes the mother talks to a frog on TV. His name is Skurt. They talk about serious things. Sometimes the girls have pretty dresses that look old.

There is a big castle in Gamla Stan but they don’t want to live in it because it once was a big fire and it burnt up. So maybe they think it will happen again.

All the children have names. They are Victoria, Carl-Philip and little Madeleine. Every-one thinks Madeleine is the most pretty one. We don’t know if it is true.

The Swedish allemansrätt
swedish allemansratt
In Sweden we have allemansrätt. If you want you can sleep in the woods or maybe in a meadow. It’s ok! But you can’t burn it down. You can pick berries and if you don't want to pay you don't have to. But you can’t take the birds eggs. Maybe if you put them back.

You can also ask maybe a farmer if you can sleep on his meadows. In a tent. But you can’t kill for instance his cows. Can you milk them? We don’t know.

The Swedish jantelag


This law is not really a law. And it’s not Swedish at all. Some say Jante was a village in Denmark . But maybe it is not real. We just don’t know.

The law says you are not so special as you think you are. So you should shut up. You think I care? People all believe it’s very Swedish, but it’s not true. They have it in Norway too. And in Denmark because it was invented there.

Most people think it is not a good law. But you can’t take it away. Why? Because it is not real! If you break it nothing happens.

The Swedish lagom
vikings battle jantelag
Now we will explain lagom. Very hard! It is not too much and it is not too little. Maybe if you can’t say lagom you are never boring. Maybe then you always is too much or too little? We don’t think that.

Some say it is a word that comes from the vikings. If someone drank too much beer another would not get beer at all! Not fair! Then maybe one viking had to drink lemonade? That is why vikings had to be lagom.

But if it is a myth it is maybe not true!

The Swedish names day

In Sweden every day is some-ones name day. It is like a birthday. For your name! For example, Victoria has her name day on March 12th. Maybe some-one will give her a cake. We don’t know.

Sometimes royal people have name day. Then the busses put flags on them. This makes them happy.

Maybe you think that every-one has a name day. But it is not true! Old people like Brynolf and Hjördis always have a name day. But children with new or cool or foreign names have no name day. Maybe they even made the name up.

They get no cake. Not fair!

The Swedish special letters
swedish vowels

The Å and the Ä and the Ö are the Swedish last letters of the alphabet. Did you know this? You think they are strange? Not to the Swedish! English don’t have them so they can’t say a lot of words. They have for instance to say “apple” instead of “äpple”. Å and Ö are also words. But Ä is not a word. Not yet! Maybe lingonord makes a word called Ä? But what will it mean? Nobody knows!

The Swedish special letters are not very hard to write. If you can write A and A and O you can write them. Remember to write little dots or maybe a ring also. Easy!

The Swedish sin
swedish sin

Sinning is very Swedish. At least many think this. Why do people think this? We should find out!

Once, a Swedish person showed her breasts in an old film. She was on a beach and also hugged a man a lot. Maybe that helped? Maybe Swedish girls like sex more than girls from for instance another country? Or is it because Swedish people look good and have lots of sex with each other? Maybe. We tried to learn more but you can't ask people questions like this. Why? It's too personal! They only get embarrassed!

Maybe now you want to learn more about Sweden? Don’t be afraid to ask us at [email protected]. We should not bite you! Yes we should! Haha, no we don’t bite people. It was a joke. (maybe)