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Our Sweden FAQ

(means frequently answered questions - about Sweden)

All the time lingonord gets e-mails about questions people have about Sweden. We are always busy answering our best. On this page we have our answers that are frequent. If you don't want your mail to be in our FAQ you can say it and we will listen. We are nice people.
From: "shaun" <***@iinet.com.au>
Date: 2004/07/14 on PM 02:36:24 GMT+02:00
Subject: [lingonord] sweden

> i need more info

Hi Shaun
How are you?
We are happy.

It is good that you find Sweden interesting. Our homepage is very informative, but there is actually a lot more to say about Sweden. What we want to know is this. What are you interested in? There is so much to tell! We couldn't tell you all! It's not possible. It is too much. Maybe we could try.

Did you know Sweden has 25 different landscapes? Before there was Sweden there was only landscapes. But today the landscapes don't get to decide anything. They only get to have costumes and dialects. All is decided in Stockholm. Two Swedish landscapes are also islands. If you have a map you can look at them.

Did you know we have a Swedish very good football player? His name is Zlatan and he made a goal without looking. With his heel! Against Italy! Very Cool. Then he kicked a penalty but it was a little high. But that is ok, a lot of people missed. Zlatan is a good looking football player but Fredrik Ljungberg and Olof Mellberg look good too. Once they wrestled!

If you ever come to Sweden and Stockholm, lingonord would love to show you around!

What is Australia like? Is it true that it is winter in the summertime? Is it maybe January? Who decides things? Do you have a lot of nature?

Take care,
and ask us if you want to know something more,

good-bye from lingonord

From: <***@aol.com>
Sent: Saturday, July 24, 2004 08:42
Subject: [lingonord] hello.

> hi,
> tomorrow is my lovers name day or whatever
> else you may call it. what do you
> do exactly in honour of 'name day'? i'm
> absolutely clueless. do i bake a cake?
> have a party? is it even a big deal? help.
> -kate
> p.s- swedes make one hell of a birthday cake.

Hi Kate!

We are happy for your interest in Swedish customs! And that you like Swedish cakes! Have you tried to eat princess-cake? It is green but very tasty. Not every-one thinks this. Oh, no! Maybe we answer you a bit late? Maybe your lover's name day has already been? If it has we are sorry and hope it was good anyway.

Now we should answer your question. We think your lover would be probably happy for all kinds of celebration. Does she or he like to eat cake? Then she or he would be probably glad about a cake. Lingonord loves to eat cake, but we have no name day! Not together! Because name days are for people names only.

We are really curious. Is maybe your lover Swedish? You don't have to tell!

In Sweden it is like this. Some celebrate name days a lot. Ok, everyone doesn't care very much, but it is always anyway an excellent opportunity to show that you care about some-body you like. But think about that we feel it's important that celebration should never be an obligation. Like if it was a burden! We hope it doesn't for you! If it feels that way it is better not to celebrate at all! Remember, you can show you like some-body any day you want! Now we answer about the cakes. In Sweden some eat cake on their name day. But some don't! Kate, do you want to have a party? Then you should have one, we think! And bake cake if you enjoy baking a cake! Maybe you should just congratulate and kiss your lover a little extra?

Do as you like it! Name days should be fun! Don't worry!

We are happy if we could help you. Ask again if you want to learn more.

Best regards, and take care of yourselves,